Marketing Services

             It all starts with the music…

MARKETING: Radio Promotion, Sales, Publicity, and Touring all need to be coordinated to maximize results and that is what we do best.  We will create an over-arching strategy that can take you through an entire album cycle or through multiple cycles.  We will help with refining your brand and imaging through art, videos and making sure that there is a unified message that can connect with fans and through media.  We work with all marketing departments to coordinate efforts and drive results and deliver to you direct accountability.  We SEE MUSIC as well as hear it and we strive to make sure there is more to your art that fans can connect with than just a song on the radio.

Bob Divney / Marketing / Executive Partner

In addition to managing promotion in the Rock Radio formats Bob also consults artists and independent labels in the areas of marketing, distribution, sales, promotion, A&R and video production.  Bob has been instrumental in A&R development with artist such as Monte Negro, The Rescues and LeStrange which have led to label signings for those artists.  In addition, Bob has written and executed marketing and promotion plans for The Doobie Brothers, Oren Lavie, Hurt, LEOGUN, amd Tory Harley and has assisted labels in securing distribution.  Bob also works closely with video production companies to insure the best possible music video outcomes that can support promotion efforts and elevate the artist’s brand.

Larry Butler / Marketing, Management, Touring and Publishing Consultant

Larry draws upon a vast list of accomplishments which brings a unique perspective to artist and brand marketing.  Working with Bill Silva Management as General Manager, Larry coordinated marketing and publishing efforts for Jason Mraz and Robert Francis among others.  Larry’s background in touring and publishing provides insight and expertise in the the foundation of an artist’s career and is the single most decisive factor in achieving success.

SALES/DISTRIBUTION: The Artist Cooperative will write a complete sales marketing plan that includes digital distribution and direct to consumer solution that pays you directly and incorporates the following:
·        * Digital distribution & set-up with your DSP, our preferred DSP Digital Aggregator  is DASHGO.
·        * Monetizing YouTube ad-share through your DSP
·        * Editorial Pitches & Consideration at DSPs (iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Zune, Emusic, 7 digital, Rhapsody, Beatport, etc)
Encourage and Coordinate fan-reviews posted on digital store sites
·        * Editorial Pitches & Consideration at Music Streaming Platforms (ie: Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, Rdio, Songza)
·        * Editorial Pitches & Consideration at Video Streaming Platforms (ie: Mevio, Youtube, VEVO)
·        *  Set up Direct to Consumer sales with either fulfillment partner or manage direct shipments
·          *  We can also assist in creating key art, physical packages and provide competitive pricing on physical goods.